What Temperature is Medium Rare

what temperature is medium rare
Medium rare temperature

The magical medium- rare temperature has long been the goal of a steak chef and prime rib home cook. It is the perfect cooking temperature for the meat because of the tenderness and taste it brings. When you learn to cook, or as an experienced chef, there is always a place to learn attaining this grill goal can be challenging sometimes. Improving your knowledge will make you a better cook but furthering your knowledge of the proper cooking time of various meats is very important.

Using a quick-reading thermometer and cooking to temperature makes it very easy. Take out the guessing in cooking and use a thermometer to cook the beef the way you like it. That’s what we’re going to cover with this blog series, the perfect cooking time for various meats for different levels of doneness.

How to Use the Meat Thermometer

Since the best way to determine if a sixth meat is made by examining the internal temperature of the meat, using a readable thermometer is key. To check the correct temperature, attach the thermometer probe in the thickest part, away from fat, bone or gristle. It is important to know that meat will continue to cook at room temperature (continue cooking) even if it is removed from the grill, about 5 degrees.

Temperature Tip: medium rare is an internal temperature of 130-135ºF. *

It is also very important to know the medium temperature, knowing that the meat will continue to cook for a few degrees after removing it from the heat source. For this reason, you should pull your steaks from the heat 2 or 3°F below your target final temperature.

For example, if you want a doneness temperature of 133 ° F, pull each steak from the heat when it shows a temperature reading of 130 ° F. The temperature of the steak will continue to rise by about 3 ° F while the steaks rest before serving. The full temperature will rise by about 10 ° F after being removed from the heat depending on the intensity of the cooking area.

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends at least 130-135ºF for medium rare temperature.

What temperature is medium rare in steak

A medium rare steak helps ensure that your steak is tender and juicy and retains its natural flavor. However, the key to cooking a medium-rare steak is to know the average medium-high heat. To reach the right temperature for cooking with a medium steak, you will need a meat thermometer.

To test the internal heat of cooking meat, install a fast-readable meat thermometer, such as the Reading Cooking Thermometer, on the side of the steak to the center. Remove the steak when the center reaches the desired temperature.

As with all meat, with medium steak, allow the meat to cook to 5 ° F to 10 ° F below the desired temperature and remove and allow to rest until it reaches the right temperature for the medium steak, which is between -135 ° F to 145 ° F. As the steak settles, it will continue to cook, also known as carry over cooking, up to 10 ° F of internal cooking temperature. Therefore, it is important to remove the meat just before it is done to ensure an medium rare steak.

Why the medium-rare temperature

Moisture is also considered when it comes to preferences. When cooking steak to medium-rare the internal temperature does not rise to the point where it allows excess moisture to escape through steam, keeping your steak tasty and juicy. A medium or, well done steak not only transcends the proper zone of protein balance, but also causes moisture to evaporate from your meat.