Hi. I’m Genevieve Michael, I never go past a week without producing one of the numerous grill recipes I have learnt over the years. I am always in the mood to hold a tong and start a fire over a grill or smoker.

I’m the sole editor and publisher of grillandeat.com, an online grill blog that is dedicated to sharing grilling tips and guidelines for having and maintaining the perfect set of grill equipment.

I didn’t grow up grilling. I discovered grilling  in my 20s while trying to get hold of  recipes and meals other than my traditional food and ever since i became good at grilling, I have been in love with it.

For me, every attempt at trying out a new grill recipe is a learning experience that helps me to get better at been patient and because grilling loves company, it has also helped me become more sociable.

Just like you, I want to get better with  my grilling techniques which is why I have taken on this journey to help fellow grill lovers become their best at grilling and smoking.

Join me in this journey and I would try to ensure grill and eat becomes your one stop site for everything grill, barbeque and smokes.